Prison Facility Operations And Inmate Privileges Essay

749 Words Jul 30th, 2015 3 Pages
In order to effectively redesign prisons and jails, several guidelines and policies need to be put into place regarding the daily facility operations and inmate privileges. My plan for future prisons and jails will focus on rehabilitation while still proving to be efficient and cost effective. Although punishment will not be the main focus, offenders will still serve an appropriate amount of time for the crimes they have committed. An approach such as this would be beneficial for all parties involved. To begin with, I would have inmates operate the daily custodial duties. Tasks such as cleaning the halls or bathrooms, helping prepare the food, laundry duties, and other general maintenance tasks could be accomplished by inmates. Granted, these inmates would need to be supervised by a correctional officer on duty. However, there are many benefits to letting inmates complete these tasks. By having a sort of job or occupation, inmates can develop a sense of pride in their work. The feeling of being useful while still in a correctional facility could be very positive for an inmate’s moral. Also, this approach is cost effective. Rather than hiring multiple janitors, cooks, and maintenance, inmates are used in their place. While they do not receive a paycheck, perhaps inmates could be awarded good time or good behavior for completing such tasks. An approach such as this can benefit the facility as a whole. I believe that future prison and jail facilities should be based on…

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