Process Paper

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Process Paper
12 April 2013

Monkey Bread It has been widely known as one of the most phenomenal breakfast foods ever, or as a snack throughout the day. I know in my case it’s an all day long kind of snack. The gooey, mouth-watering, caramelized cinnamon and sugar of monkey bread hits the spot no matter what time of day; but without one simple step to this mouth-watering medley it just wouldn’t be the same. To make monkey bread you want to initially make sure you have all your ingredients; which might mean taking a quick trip to the store. Most of the common household things you won’t need to pickup up: such as margarine, sugar, cinnamon, pam (or your choice of cooking spray), a pot, wooden spoon, bunt pan, and a
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You’ll want about a cup and a half of the mixture, so depending on how much you have left over from the first step you will need to add little to none. Pour the mixture of cinnamon and sugar into the melted butter, occasionally stirring. You’ll leave this on medium heat until it begins to boil, turning into a thick glaze. Once you’ve reached the correct consistency of the glaze, turn the heat off, stir it for a bit more, and now pour the glaze over the evenly distributes pieces of biscuits in the bunt pan. No worries, the glaze will run between the pieces to the bottom and coat every bite size piece of biscuit in there. Now that you have put your mouth-watering monkey bread together in your bunt pan, your oven should be nice and warm and ready to go. Place the bunt pan on the top shelf of the oven and get ready to watch the clock. Depending on your oven, it typically takes about 45 minutes to an hour to cook thoroughly. The top pieces will harden, but in the end they’re nothing to worry about. It is a good idea to check approximately every 15 minutes to see what progress has been made; to check, take a toothpick and lift up one of the top crunchy pieces to make sure the underneath is not doughy. Once you have reached 45 minutes and you do your final check, the piece underneath should be cooked all the way through and the top layer should be near burnt. Many people are fond of the burnt pieces, but others choose to just eat around them. You have

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