Project Management Integration Framework ( Ba 647 ) Essay

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Briargrove Risk Management Techniques
Anthony Redhead

Grantham University Project Management Integration Framework (BA 647)

Introduction This paper will discuss questionnaires and surveys as tools of project risk assessment. In the paper, I provide a clear guideline to Briargrove concerning how to manage risk using these tools in any project. The paper has also attached to it an example of a questionnaire that could be utilized in the Briargrove project. The paper has provided a proper description of how to employ questionnaires and surveys in monitoring and assessing risks in projects.

Briargrove Risk Management Techniques A project comprises of a range of activities, for instance scope, timeline, budget, tasks among others. In order to ensure that a project is successful, it is important to plan ahead in case of unexpected events and occurrences which are likely to impact the entire project. It is significant to involve the entire team in the process as they may be able to identify all adverse events that are likely to happen. This process composes of the following steps. First off, to identify events or risks that are the project is prone to. This could be as result of an operational risk, procedural risk or technical risk. Second is to transfer the risks to external stakeholders where necessary. For instance where one identifies supply chain issues as the potential risks, they should think towards transferring that risk to a firm procurement.…

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