Promoting Equality For Non Discriminatory Practice Essay example

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Promoting Equality
Anti- discriminatory practice is promoted by treating everyone fairly, regardless of their race, gender, religions or the way they live. It is important that people are not treated the same, but are treated with dignity and respect. For example in a care home, if there was a old person who can feed themselves you would give them their lunch and they could carry on and eat themselves. However, if another elderly could not feed themselves then you would help them to eat their lunch. This means that you are treating these two people differently, but giving them both the opportunity to have lunch. Also, if somebody else was vegetarian, then you would provide them with a vegetarian lunch. This means that you are treating them differently too, but giving them the same opportunity. It is also important to give them respect and dignity. It would be disrespectful and discriminatory to put a lunch in front of somebody who couldn 't feed themselves and just leave them like that, and same for giving a vegetarian a lunch that contained meat.
One problem that can occur when treating individuals equally is that if somebody needs special attention, then by including another person into their conversation, and helping them, it is then excluding the other people, and they may not get the attention they might need. This can be overcome by all members of staff being diverse in their actions and making sure that everybody is treated as an individual. Another problem that…

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