Essay on Promoting Gender Equality With Deontology And Utilitarian

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Promoting Gender Equality with Deontology and Utilitarian

The meaning to gender equality has been fought throughout the world with one purpose. The purpose is to establishing one standard to the meaning to the word equal. Equality is defined as getting respect and giving respect regardless of gender or culture through fair treatment. The application of ethical theories can bring balance and harmony to a social structure through actions based on ethical theories. The actions can be consequentialist or nonconsequentialist. These actions develop and maintain morality and ethical values in a social structure. Morality and ethical values are built in a society by establishing equality that reflects individual and group understanding to the meaning to gender equality through actions like fair treatment. Working conditions, health care, and education can be improved by applying deontology and utilitarian theories to promote the meaning to gender equality that raises morality and ethical values versus the relevant objection to extreme intolerant. Weak Theisis: Suggested adding the theory I feel is best.

A nonconsequentialist act is the deontology theory. Deontology is a moral obligation or duty to act related to a principle or rule. Deontology requires the act of humanity and never treat anything as a means to an end. A rule of deontology is that one should act in a manner that maxim the act with the intent of developing the act into a universal law (Mossier, 2013).…

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