Essay about Protection Of Oneself And One 's Family

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Protection of oneself and one’s family is important. For American’s to feel safe and to be safe, they feel as if they need weapons. These weapons are guns, the bad thing about guns is that they are usually blamed for all of the violence in the world. Guns are not the problem though, it is the people with the guns that are. They obtain them illegally and cause harm to the people around them. This was not the original purpose for guns, guns were used to protect what people want to protect. Banning guns would not reduce the crime rate in America, since criminals and psychos obtain weapons illegally anyway, all the government would be doing is preventing citizens from getting guns to protect themselves. If the government decides to ban guns, they would be going against the constitution that our founding fathers had created, the second amendment to be exact. It is an American citizen’s right to bear a gun. It also creates strong feelings, feelings of which cause much controversy on both sides of the issue (The History.) If American’s guns are taken away, they will cause a riot. But, if nothing is changed, then there could also be a riot from the counter side. Adding more gun restriction laws or banning guns won’t reduce crime rate. Protecting oneself and others is one of the main points of guns. Civilians keep guns so that they may feel secure. Obtaining a gun is easy. There are many gun shows all around the world and at these gun shows, guns are also sold. When looking for a…

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