Psalms and Psychology Essay

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Final Paper: The Psalms and Psychology A main function of the Psalter in our modern church is to show the raw emotion that the writers’ prayers to God embody. Because of the depths of emotion that are present in the Psalms, they help Christians to see the relational aspect of the faith in a different way. In the Psalter, Christians see that God wants us to share our whole being with him; the Psalms show Christians that they can express the diversity of emotions that humans have with God. The study of psychology can be useful in giving further insight to the authors’ minds and how the human element of the authorship effects the Psalter. Looking at the Davidic Psalms, one sees a variety of the emotions and genres; The field of psychology …show more content…
Each one of those factors effects the evolution of the meaning of language; therefore, when reading the Psalms, it is necessary to be aware that the semantic meaning that we give to words is not culturally universal (407). With specific reference to the difference in language, this can create a difference in understanding of what the authors meant by their choice of language. An example of the differences in connotation in language can be seen in an experiment done by Boroditsky. This experiment involved having bilingual participants whose second language was english. Half of the participants’ first language was spanish and half was german. The experiment was conducted in english, and the participants were asked to describe the word “key” with four properties. The word key is feminine in spanish and masculine in german. The participants whose first language was spanish tended to say properties that were more feminine such as golden, intricate, little, and lovely. The participant’s whose first language was german tended to use more masculine properties such as hard, heavy, jagged, and serrated (Prewitt-Freilino 274). This experiment evidenced that differences in languages effect our thoughts and actions. Christians must try to read the Psalms without bringing in their own cultural biases concerning language. Another effect of language can be seen in the Praise and

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