Psy 340 Biological Psychology Worksheet Essay

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Biological Psychology Worksheet July 17, 2012 PSY/340

Biological Psychology Psychoanalytic and behavioral perspectives in human behavior influenced the early views of psychology. This was because the role between behavior and the brain was not understood and science had not evolved far enough to understand the complexities of the human brain. However, as science and technology developed, the ability to learn what regions of the brain were associated with specific types of behavior was explored and the area of biological psychology evolved. Biological psychology focuses on the neural properties of psychology ranging from the fundamental unit of the brain, the neuron, to the highest levels of cortical organizations in the brain.
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Some psychologists thought that in the storage of memory, the engram was a specific chemical sequence that existed in the brain. However, this was shown to not be true, but it showed that neural connections were fundamental to the processing and storage of memories. Broca also was important in the field of establishing biological psychology. He showed that certain cortical regions of the brain are responsible for certain processes such as visual processing, hearing, etc. Lastly, Huxly showed how the firing of a neuron was important in the communication of neurons in the brain. Not only did his research involve discussions on action potential, but also the nature of the firing of a neuron in accordance to strength, intensity, etc. The biological approach to psychology takes account factors such as genetics and organic chemistry. While behaviorists have shown that certain behaviors can be produced from the environment, conditions have been shown to have a correlation with genetics. This has been conducted through the use of twins looking at inheritance factors that show relationships among conditions such as alcoholism, schizophrenia, etc. From a chemical perspective, the biological approach looks at how levels of neurotransmitters affect behavior. For example, low levels of serotonin have been correlated with depression. As a result, the development and experimentation with SSRIs, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, are used in order to

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