Psychoanalytic Criticism Of William Shakespeare 's Hamlet Essay

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Psychoanalytic criticism takes on the methods utilized by Freud. It asserts the concept that literary text are similar to dreams. It works as a way to reveal suppressed desires and anxieties that the writer might posses. Psychoanalytic criticism also upholds the idea that a literary work is a reflection on their own psychological disorder. Similar to psychoanalysis, the attempt is to seek confirmation of open emotions. Many of the writer’s own trauma’s when they were younger, obsessions, struggles,etc., can be distinguished inside the literary work through the characters. William Shakespeare achieved this through his well known tragedy, Hamlet. Throughout this play, you see the difference in Hamlet as well as Ophelia and the way they act towards everyone.
In act 3, scene 2 of Hamlet, Hamlet is giving the actors direction on how he wants them to perform the play. He wants the actors to not exaggerate so much so that no one will suspect a thing. The actors are going to be acting out Claudius killing King Hamlet. Hamlet then asks Horatio to help him observe Claudius’s reaction to the scene where they reenact the killing. After Hamlet is done speaking to Horatio, he goes to take his seat. As Claudius is settling into his seat, he asks Hamlet how he is doing. Hamlet responds by saying, “Excellent, i’faith, of the chameleon 's dish. I / eat the air, promise crammed. You cannot feed / capons” (Shakespeare III.ii.99-101). Hamlet is basically brutalizing Claudius and plays on the…

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