Psychological Disorder Paper

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Psychological Disorder Paper

An out-of-body experience is explained by few as a sense of being detached from one’s body, and if associated with other factors like a sense that the world is not real, far away, or even foggy. This with the combination of failure to recall significant personal information, or the content of a meaningful conversation forgotten from one second to the next are signs of a psychological disorder known as Dissociative Disorder. Considered as a rare and mysterious psychiatric curiosity, Dissociative Disorders will be the psychological disorder that will be discussed in this paper. The term Dissociative Disorder is commonly used when the individual does not meet the criteria for a specific disorder, yet
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This also proves that these actions or behaviors can lead to habitual defensive dissociation that may result into serious dysfunction in work, social, and daily activities alike. Human development is considered as the process of attaining a best level of health and well-being that takes into account physical, biological, mental, emotional, social, economic, and cultural means. However, with disassociated disorders untreated it can make this simply impossible for the individuals battling this disorder to achieve. At an intellectual and social level this disorder can cause individuals to isolate one’s self from the public as well as view individuals within their society as possible predators. This can lead as well as cause mental and emotional stress on the individuals. Furthermore, this would deter these individuals from change or obtaining coping skills that would allow the individuals a way to manage the disorder in a positive and healthy manner. Dissociated Disorders can hider progress within the individual trying to obtain psychological needs such as food and sleep. According to Maslow, these needs are the most basic and instinctive needs in the hierarchy of his theory because all needs become secondary until these physiological needs are met. Based on the symptoms or signs of this disorder, the individuals may suffer

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