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Psychologists' Compare And Contrast –
Jean Piaget & Sigmund Freud

Similarities and differences Jean Piaget was a philosopher and developmental Swiss psychologist who is widely known for the epistemology studies relating children. Piaget’s theory of epistemology and cognitive development are both referred to as genetic epistemology. Jean Piaget’s specific concern was on cognitive or intellectual development of a child and manner in which minds progress and process knowledge. Piaget’s fundamental thesis was based on the fact that children’s first grow theories of self-centric about the environment they are living in or about persons and objects in that environment. Secondly, children normally base the
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Freud also postulated the subsistence of libido, which is an energy by which mental structures and processes are invested and generates neurotically attachments or death drive, a source of hate, neurotic guilt, repetition and aggression. Both Freud and Piaget main concerns were that of development, and this is a sequence of age-related modifications that occur in the life span of an individual. A stage is defined as developmental period where individuals exhibit typical behavioral patterns or establish particular capacities. Individuals go through stages by specific order building capacities which were developed initially. Stages are normally age related, and development is usually discontinuous by way of qualitative diverse capacity that emerges in every stage. Sigmund gave a description of personality development through a sequence of stages. Of the stages, Freud believed childhood was generally important and that personality normally developed when a child was five years. Freud proposed a theory of development of a child , which occurred in a sequence of stages focused on diverse pleasures on body areas. During every stage, a child encountered conflicts that played a key role in the child’s development. Piaget concerns were cognitive development where children experienced changes as they matured and interacted with the people in the environment around them. As children begin to learn, they

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