Essay Psychology And Criminal Justice Field

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Before taking the ONET interest profiler, I was worried that it wouldn’t give me the right measure of what my interests actually are. The interest profiler measured 6 types of interests and scored each one based on my answers. The six types of interest categories were Realistic, 0, Investigative, 15, Artistic, 8, Social, 30, Enterprising, 6, and Conventional, 6. Social and Investigative are the top two interests that it scored me under. It didn’t really surprise me that much being that my major is Psychology. I was planning on enrolling as a double major under Psychology and Criminal Justice, but I just stuck with Psychology. I enjoy helping people with their problems and I have great listening skills. I would say I also enjoy investigating. Going on undercover operations is one reason why I was going towards the criminal justice field. So I do believe that this interest profiler is on point with what spikes my interests.
Picking out a certain job to conduct a job analysis required me to first pick out a particular job zone. I will be graduating this semester with a Bachelor’s degree. High preparation is needed under Job Zone 4, which most of the careers in this zone do require a four-year bachelor’s degree. Some of the choices underneath this job zone were mostly educational careers. Education was one of the choices that were on my list to go to college for, but I do not have that kind of background to teach. Under Job Zone 5, I would need to go to graduate…

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