Psychology And Mental Health Counseling Essay

1353 Words Dec 4th, 2015 null Page
Over the years, the fields associated with the mental wellbeing of people have gained significant momentum. Research related to psychology or mental health counseling have brought attention to the need for more in depth understanding of the constructs regarding a successful intervention or counseling relationship. Many researchers have attempted to explore the counseling relationship through different approaches, either qualitatively or quantitatively. Each approach brings about significant insight to the direction of how the counseling relationship can reap the most benefit or be best improved. As each research sought to advance our current knowledge, results will vary and may even rebut previous researches. Results may vary due to assorted differences between studies. For example, the research design, quantitative or qualitative, the sample size and selection, even the researcher’s preconceived opinion can play a role in the outcome of the research.
Some researchers may show preference over particular variables which may sway results while conducting the research. Often times the primary research hypothesis would be at odds with the results, contradicting the researcher’s original prediction. As demonstrated by the study conducted by Leibert and Dunne-Bryant (2015), their results had deviated from what they had originally predicted. They had intended to use outcome research in a quantitative study to measure the effect of common factors ability to predict counseling…

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