Essay on Psychology And Psychology : Psychoanalytic Theory

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Love is one of the most essential emotions in life. People want to feel loved because it brings happiness and warmth to their hearts. Love makes people unconditionally selfless. They think about their loved ones before themselves. The researchers in Introducing Psychology (3rd ed.), Schacter, D. L., Gilbert, D. T., Wegner, D. M., & Nock M.K. (2015), discuss how six different perspectives in psychology can portray a behavior from a different angle. The behavior, love, will be explained among the six different perspectives. Looking at love from six different perspectives in psychology will provide researchers a broad understanding for the behavior.
The first perspective in psychology is psychoanalytic theory. As Schacter, D. et al (2015) have noted, psychoanalytic theory is an “approach that emphasizes the importance of unconscious awareness to better understand psychological disorders” (p. 19). For instance, think about how a man was brought up in his family. Ever since he was a child, the man has built up unconsciousness behavior of love. This unconscious behavior of love will be shown in the man’s day to day life without his awareness. For example, a man is taking care of his sick baby, and he is taking care of his child exactly the way his mother took care of him when he was a kid. The man did not know that he was following his mother. His unconscious mind brought his built up behavior of love to look after his sick child.
Another psychological perspective is…

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