Essay about Psychology: Attachment Theory

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AS Psychology - Attachment Revision
What is Attachment?:- “Attachment is the close bond between two people which endures over time and leads to certain behaviors such as proximity seeking, clinging and distress on separation, These behaviors serve the function of protecting an infant”
Exam Question 1: ‘Explain Bowlby’s theory of attachment?’ (For top marks, mention: Social releasers, Sensitive Period, Montropy, internal model and the continuity hypothesis): * “Bowlby’s theory of attachment is an evolutionary theory that suggests the behaviours demonstrated by caregivers and babies are an innate and indistinctive drive to form attachment and have evolved through natural selection.

* According to Bowlby, forming an attachment
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- Early attachment types: Predict behaviour.
- Supports: Bowlby’s theory of continuity hypothesis.
Weakness of Bowlby’s theory:
Weakness: Temperament hypothesis, (Kagan, 1984), as it takes into consideration individual differences were the Evolutionary theory does not.
- We have inborn temperamental differences: such as ‘easy’, ‘slow to warm up’ and ‘difficult’
- Psychologists who support hypothesis believe: such temper ants can affect adult and infant relationships and how we form attachment.

Exam Question 2: ‘Explain the Learning Theory?’ (For top marks, mention:)
Q - How does the Learning theory differ from the Evolutionary explanations of attachment?
“The learning theory which suggests we form attachment by learning a set of learnt behaviours differs from Bowlby’s evolutionary theory of attachment, which suggests that attachment occurs because is it innate drive that promotes survival, because unlike Bowlby’s theory, it suggests we learn by association and reinforcement and not through adaptive behaviours.
Another difference between the two theories is that in the learning theory, attachment is said to be solely learnt through teaching by caregivers, whereas Bowlby’s evolutionary theory suggests that there is an indistinctive drive to form attachment which has

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