Essay about Psychology : Childhood Span Development

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Psychology is the basic scientific study of the human mind and how it adapts and functions, especially those affecting behaviorism. The mental characteristics of an individual and or group and how they adapt, act and or function within society are what has also helped define psychology. Psychology has many different areas, such as life span development. Life span development, a study of the entire life span, is the primary focus of developmental psychology. It allows us to study the different areas of one’s life. Developmental Psychology is the branch of psychology that studies the psychological growth of individuals and or groups of people. Developmental psychology deals with the psychological and or mental responses and studies human behavior from the early life of infancy to old age. These studies focus on the physical, cognitive, and social change of humans throughout their life cycle set in milestone placements. Child, or infant milestones have set as a prime example of developmental psychology. These placement markers are set within age brackets to allow scientist, doctors and researchers know if a child 's is developing at a normal pace. Significant delays in one or more of the areas allows doctors and child experts to know if the problems are from neurological and or cognitive problems and or possibilities of neglect or abuse. Milestones are also set within an educational status to allow schools to understand a child learning capability. If these Milestones…

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