Psychology Essay

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Nathen Alkhabaz 10/26/2014
Professor Dietz
Psychology 11
Term Paper #1
The Art of Living Consciously

What does it mean to live consciously? To live consciously means to take every aspect of your life and try to look deeper into what is going on. In his book, Branden tries to take different aspects of life and try to explain to the reader how it is that we can live consciously. In the beginning, Branden starts off with the simple things to address and then moves his way up throughout the book to explain the more complicated things we deal with in our daily lives. What does it really mean to live
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How can this be possible if there is always negative vibes around you? Well for starters, go out there and hit the streets with friends, have a few nights out a week, surround yourself with people that are fun and most importantly, keep yourself busy at all times because if not, you wouldn’t last surviving in the western world as long as you would want to. To say this can be very easy but to be done needs time, effort and you actually wanting to go and live a conscious life and not be worried all the time about what is going on in the outside world. One major thing that the book is about is that we as human beings are faced with a crazy amount of information and ideas as well. This book by Nathaniel Branden prepares us to deal with all this in the right manner. With simply reading this book, I have looked at my own life in a different way and pay attention to what I am doing and why I am doing that action. Before reading this book, I would not have been able to say that I would actually take my time in certain things and look at things differently. This is not an easy thing to do and takes time but if you want to reach that level of consciousness, you have to be patient and willing to do it the right ways that are mentioned in this book and not any other way that we can come up with. This book was obviously written for a reason. That reason was to take every simplest aspect of life and put it in a way that we can understand it. Even though at times, life

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