Essay on Psychology Freud's Theory on Dreams

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Freud’s Theory on Dreams

We as humans are an incredible species. We continue to evolve and create new inventions as time goes on. However, there are some very important tasks we must do on a daily basis if we are to do these extraordinary things at our best. Is has been proven that we all require sleep to function at our highest. There are many questions revolving around the huge topic of sleep; for instance why do we need it? What does sleep actually do for our brains and bodies? One that has really peaked my interest though, is the question of what is the purpose of dreams when we are asleep? Is there any relevance to them? How do you find out what they mean? To find out my questions and more on this, I am going to be
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Freud thought dream symbols are for the most part sexual in meaning, thus many dreams (but not all) have a sexual correlation. According to Freud, the secondary revision is where the “dream loses the appearance of absurdity and incoherence.” Freud used the method of free association to discover the underlying meaning behind the dream (latent content). A patient would describe a dream as accurately as possible (manifest content). The patient would then be told to focus on a specific element of the dream and form as many associations as they could. Essentially, allowing the patient to let their mind wander. This would continue until all manifest content associations had been discovered, by the interpreter. This essentially means that the interpreter is moving in the opposite direction unraveling the dream until the latent content is revealed. By listening to a person explain their dream (through free association) and understanding those four ways that our brain changes our dreams (from latent content to manifest content), Freud was confident that he could understand the truth of someone’s actual subconscious thoughts and desires. Although in rare cases the manifest and latent content can be indistinguishable and then Freud would refer to those as infantile dreams. Most topics in psychology can cause a lot of skepticism. This one in particular can be extremely hard to prove. “The scientific

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