Psychology Is A Complex Science Essay

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Psychology is a a complex science which studies the mind and behaviour of an individual. Psychologists have established 5 approaches to understand the human mind and behaviour: the behaviour approach, which only focuses on the different behaviours of each individual, , the cognitive approach, which concentrates on the way the mind processes knowledge, memory and language learning, after, the psychodynamic approach, which studies the impact of emotions and feelings on a person’s mind or behaviour, then on, the biological approach which analyses the genes and neurological functions in our brain which can explain our behaviour, and finally the humanistic approach which studies the person in whole, not just the mind of the person.
This essay will take a particular interest in the strengths and weakness of 2 psychological approaches, the behaviour approach and the cognitive approach.

It would be quite interesting to start this essay with the strengths of the behaviour approach. To begin with, it is important to point out that behaviourist “forget the mind “ and focuses only on the behaviour of all human. Also, all well-known theories made by the behaviourist are evidence based. Pavlov is very well known for doing his own research and coming up with the theory of classical conditioning. In 1902 he conducted an experiment on dog’s digestion and that is where he noticed what he calls “psychic salvation”, the dog would salivate before it was given food. Since this observation he…

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