Psychology Is The Study Of The Mind Essay

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Psychology is the ‘study of the mind’ (Gross, 2010 pg2). The word comes from the Greek words, psych, meaning the mind and logos, meaning knowledge or study. Psychology can be dated back to 1879 and Wilhelm Wundt, who attempted to identify the structure of conscious thought using introspection, self analysis. From this start other approaches emerged, including; behaviourism, the study of observable behaviour, psychodynamic, which focuses on the unconscious mind and how experiences during childhood shape a person’s behaviour and personality and humanist, which acknowledges the fact that humans have the ability to choose they way in which they act. This essay will discuss two of the key perspectives in Psychology, Behaviourism and Psychodynamic, key research studies such as little Albert and little Hans and the key psychologists involved. It will also aim to find the similarities and differences in these approaches and how they are still used to this day (Gross, 2010).
Behaviourism has its origins with Watson, who had concerns with the use of introspection, such as the fact that those using this method would be able to interpret their thoughts to fit their theories. He felt that in order for Psychology to be thought of as a scientific subject, it should focus on only observable behaviour. This would ensure that results could be validated and it would be possible to disprove, falsify (Gross, 2010). Behaviourists believe that all people are born as a blank slate, therefore all…

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