Essay on Psychology Outline

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Chapter 1 outline (pages 13-22):

One of the oldest methods of research is the case study, in which psychologist study one or more individuals in great depth with the hope of an accomplishment of revealing true to all persons. Sigmund Freud came up with his theory of personality from a series of case studies. Case studies can be misleading, unrepresented knowledge of the individual can lead to a false conclusion.
The survey method is commonly used in correlation and descriptive studies. A survey is less in depth than the case study. Surveys ask people to tell about their own opinions or behavior. When asking questions one must be careful of how the question is worded, this can be known as wording effects.
The representative sample is
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A negative correlation is described as when one variable increases the other decreases. An example of this is when an individual scores low on self-esteem they generally score high on depression. Experimental research is the most efficient and cleanest way to isolate cause and effect. By doing an experiment, researchers are able to solely focus on possible effects of one or more variables. 1.) Manipulating the factors of interest 2.) Controlling other factors
An example would be to observe the effects of alcohol consumption and the individual’s ability to think rationally. Placebo is a Latin term that means “I shall please”. When once experiences a placebo effect it means, an inert substance or condition is administered instead of the presumed active agent. For example giving an individual a pill with no type of drug substance in it and the individual experience whatever side effect this pill was supposed to do. This term was created by Kirsch & Sapirstien in 1998.
During an experiment using a placebo effect, normally neither the patient nor the researcher collecting data is aware that there is no actual treatment being received. This is known as a double-blind procedure. It enables researchers to observe the effects and reactions the patient

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