Psychology Paper 1 Critical Thinking

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Critical thinking
In this study, the professor asked 15 students in his Introductory Psychology class to volunteer to take the smart pill at the start of the semester. The other 15 students in the class who did not volunteer did not take the pill. This was not random assignment because this subject was not an unbiased division, and the professor didn’t create equal groups; therefore, it could affect the result. In general, volunteers do better than non-volunteers because volunteers have more motivation than the people who didn’t volunteer. For example, in the “tutoring study”, people who signed up for tutoring were doing much better than the people who did not sign up for tutoring because the people who sign up care about their grade; on
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It sometimes works well, that is called “the placebo pill.” In this study, the students in experimental group must think they are smart, and they hope and believe that the pill works which is placebo effect. In short, it definitely affects the result.
To avoid experiment bias and placebo effect in this study is to do a double-blind study. A double-blind study is the experimenter or subject doesn’t know who is in the experimental group and control group until the result is in. therefore, in this study, first, the professor should make sure that everyone gets a pill, but only half of them contain real stuff. Also, the professor should not know the people who are in the control group, and who are in the experimental group, so placebo effect is the same for everyone. The most important, someone distribute the pills to everyone only can tell by the number basically.
As we know, before the last class of the semester, the professor gave a special essay test to the 15 students who took the pill, and then after the last class of the semester, he gave the same special test to the 15 students who did not take the pill. Therefore, the control group which took the test after the last class has a better prepare than the experimental group which took the test before the test because teacher always cover the most important materials in the last class. This is the obvious uncontrolled extraneous factor in

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