Psychology : Personality And Personality Essay

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BESC1490 Introduction to Psychology
Week 8 Personality

1. Personality refers to an individual’s distinctive behaviour, patterns of thought, feelings and motivations that are shown in various situations. There are two theories that have been studied for personality, ‘Structure of personality’ and ‘Individual differences.’ The ‘structure of personality’ is the organisation of enduring patterns and personality processes, whereas ‘individual differences’ is the way of people vary in personality traits. The study of twins demonstrates how genetics can be involved in personality and also how personality can be inherited. Different cultures have a distinct way of understanding personality. Freud see’s how culture pattern can be approached as a set of beliefs, in which myths and religion can be moulded people to fit into it.

2. Freud’s theory of personality refers to fears and intentions that determine behaviour. His first model, topographic model splits the mental processes into conscious, preconscious and unconscious. Conscious mental process are rational while unconscious are irrational. Ambivalence is conflicting of feelings or motives. Freud’s drive model views the sex and aggression as the basic human motives. His developmental model suggests series of psychosexual stages, which include personality and sexuality. The stages are oral, anal, phallic, latency and genital. His structural model suggest that the ego tries to balance desire, on the conflict between the ‘id’ and…

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