Essay on Psychology : The Psychology Field

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This class has been a tremendous help for me this semester. With transferring in, this class has helped me to solve problems or at least get me on the right path to do so, by the content that was provided. Going into the first day of class I thought I had everything figured out as far as what I wanted to do within the psychology field. I thought I wanted to go into Neuropsychology research with a private practice on the side. After hearing about how many career choices there are out there, it got me to reconsider and think that there might possibly be something out there that fits my personality even better, something that I would have never considered or heard about otherwise. For example, I/O psychology is something that I would have never thought about until Courtney came in and discussed it with our class and then again during the Career Fair panel. A side point that I thought was very helpful but on a more subconscious level, what the fact that everyone who came in and gave a presentation was honestly excited to do so. It wasn’t a hassle for them. They love their career and educational path so much I’m sure you couldn’t have asked them fast enough. Their love and enthusiasm for what they are doing adds to solidification that psychology has something for everyone. That once you find your match you won’t work a day in your life because you enjoy going to work. The biggest aspect which I found helpful was the education of graduate school. I’ve known it’s always been…

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