Psychology for Management Essay

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QUESTION 1 (B) - Students who go to class half an hour later than the prescribed start time for eight classes in a semester lost every desirable privileges (breaks during class, no football games, graduation dinner etc.). After the rule was implemented, there seemed to be a marked improvement in student attendance in class. How does operant conditioning explain the students’ behavior?

Operant conditioning was thoroughly studied by Burrhus Frederick Skinner (B.F. Skinner), which he confirmed that someone learning ability is displayed by his or her behavior. When a factor in the person’s environment changes the consequences that they endure from their learning, can cause a positive or a negative impact on their behavior,
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The students in this question did not depict Negative Punishment. The students did attend their classes half an hour late, their behavior portrayed and the consequence was, their late attendance means no desired privileges. The students was not granted the desired privileges, or the favorable outcome, while they attended classes late, they had to change their behavior to be rewarded. Therefore, according to Skinner negative punishment is a person’s behavior decreasing when the consequences are due to the removal of a pleasant stimulus or a desire that was wanted by the person (Atkinson et al, 2009).

Positive Reinforcement was illustrated after the change in the students’ behavior, their late attendance changed, which then allowed them to enjoy the reward of having the desired privileges. Positive Reinforcement would have occurred if their behavior was desirable and the consequences for such excellent attendance would have been, the opportunity to enjoy the privileges granted. Skinner explained a desirable behavior from a person, the consequences are, the person, is rewarded for their favorable behavior (Carlson et al, 1997).

In this question, the students had a negative stimulus, which was the no privileges, that was already being administered after they attended classes half an hour later than scheduled. With this negative stimulus already being in place, it is the students that

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