Essay on Psychology of Gaming and Me

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Psychology of Gaming and Me
Week 4 Assignment 1
Albert Pettey
Strayer University
Professor Holt
Psych 101
Nov 8, 2012

Through long thought and jotting ideas, I have decided to discuss my favorite hobby… playing World of Warcraft and other MMORPGS. The term “Gamers” is coined frequently to describe someone who plays Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games or in short MMO. World of Warcraft or WoW is something I have enjoyed playing for the better part of six years. Playing this and a few other MMO’s is for me no different than watching TV after work or playing golf, etc. In the following few paragraphs I will cover and share the psychology behind MMO’s and online gaming.
Psychology 101 of gaming would have to be social… the
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It also makes me feel that I am trust worthy and dependable leader to other members of the guild.
To take it a step further there also roles or classes you can play in an MMO or in WoW ranging from healers, damage dealers and tanks. Since I started playing my chosen role has been that of a tank. The tanking role at least for me, makes me feel important and that without me they couldn’t achieve the victory. I guess it fills the basic human need to feel like we are important and needed. When the outcome is positive and we achieve the objective, the win does bring about pride in myself that I did something good and was an intricate part of our success.
The flipside to that is when we lose or do not complete the task, the opposite happens. Emotionally I feel I let my team and guild mates down. That somehow what I did or did not do, attributed to the failed objective. The best I can describe it, would be like that of a baseball game and I am the pitcher. When the pitcher throws a perfect game and strikes out every player, he is revered as the hero of the game. Take that same pitcher and put him in a losing game, then he is now the source in which the game was lost. Not only is he disappointed in himself for how he pitched, but he is also feels he let down his team mates and fans. A similar emotional reaction can

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