Psychology Essay

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Understanding self
Heather Hibbs
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
Instructor Cosma
April 24, 2016

For this paper, I chose to write about my own childhood. To be honest, I grew up like any average kid, and like most, I had my own individual personality, that which will be discussed later on whether my personality is because of nature or nurture, or what people say the biggest debate in human history. I was born on April 3, 1976 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which I still reside to this day. I was the second child born, of two daughters, of which my sister is four years older than myself. I grew up in a town considered still to be Pittsburgh but was called Homewood, nowadays is a very unsafe area, or what is called the
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I guess you could say as I was growing up, my friends were a major outer influence on me. For starters, my best friend got me to try smoking, and continued to do so until I got caught. I was a good student, up until high school, where I continuously skipped school with my friends, which again stopped when we finally got caught, and then not too far from graduating, I ended up dropping out, which was my decision alone, and a very stupid one. But honestly, I did not do drugs, nor did I steal, and I did have a job when I was fifteen, and like a lot of teenagers, I experimented with drinking here and there but I preferred not to. After my issues that I had with both my parents, my friends became my family. On a side note, my influential friends I had growing up are still very close to me even to this day. I never really spoke with my parents again up until I saw my father this year at my uncle’s funeral. I kept my mind focused and kept a job, then had children in my early to mid- twenties and treated them the total opposite of how my family treated me, like I was not good enough. To put it simply, nature is when you get traits genetically, and nurture is when then environment has an influence on you. Lefrancois (2011) stated “The Nature-nurture controversy is a debate over whether heredity or environment is most influential in determining developmental outcomes”. I believe that nurture had a bigger impact on me. I was always told I

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