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Application of Psychology to Modern Life
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Application of Psychology to Modern Life
Self-reflection entails evaluating oneself to analyze the past experiences in their lifetime that might have either a negative or positive influence. Self-reflection helps to come up with techniques of coping with similar situations later in life. Self-reflection also involves picking a personal experience, and evaluating the challenges as per the situation and naming ways in which one was able to overcome the challenges or perhaps failed to address them. This essay involves a self-reflection in one of my most stressful lifetime situation and how I managed to cope up with it.
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I started imagining myself doing casual jobs such as working as a message or a waiter. I did not believe it because I had done the best I could to achieve a good grade. I kept asking God why it all happened to me bearing in mind that I was prayerful. All my close friends had performed well. I was ashamed to face my parents because I had assured them that I was going to excel academically. Everyone in my neighborhood knew that I was a bright student and that I would do well in my studies. There is no way I could convince them that I had failed. I spent sleepless nights trying to think about what I could do to reverse the situation or make my life better. First, I did the best I could to avoid my friends, relatives, and neighbors due to the embarrassment that I had. By doing so, I spent a lot of time in solitude trying to think about my life. The only person I felt confident speaking to was my mother. I explained my situation to her and told her about my dream. She was so understanding and supportive. I made a decision to go back to school and resit for my high school final exams. She agreed to obtain a loan and pay for my school fees. I was so exhilarated by the move, and my stress was finally over because I got another chance to prove myself and achieve my goals. Different strategies can be used to contain the stress and obtain a solution. The problem-focused strategy involves the use of active ways to

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