Psychology Essay

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Josie Ferrell
Psychology 100
Case Study Client Two A. I am going to diagnose Sandra with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. I came up with this diagnosis because this disorder is caused constant unwanted thoughts that affect one’s life by creating compulsions through their life. The unwanted thought in Sandra’s life is safety of her child, Melissa, from choking. The thought of having Melissa safe from items that will make her choke has caused serious compulsion of vacuuming her apartment floors at least ten times a day. I believe this is a compulsion because normally a person without this disability will possibly vacuum their floors about once a week. B. Another possible disorder that could be affecting Sandra is
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In the psychosexual stages Sandra would have not properly developed the anus stage because she has so much control of the cleanliness of her house to keep Melissa safe. If childhood experiences were the problem of her disorder than Sandra could have choked during her childhood years or maybe a sibling she was looking after choked and died right in front of her. Tests that would develop a sense of understanding her disorder from this approach would be Rorschach Inkblots. These inkblots would allow Sandra to show her mind processing one item and develop what her brain interactions are by what she describes the inkblot as. Free association would help treatment by discovering what is the cause of her disorder by saying certain words and hearing her speak feelings and thoughts she thinks of when she hears the word giving by the therapist. I honestly believe free association would be the best for this approach because it allows you to understand why she has developed her unwanted thoughts and her compulsions by speaking of words that she seems to avoid like choking. E. Through a behavioral standpoint, Sandra is reinforcing her disorder by always keeping the apartment clean to keep Melissa safe. I believe knowing Melissa has not choked on a small item is reinforcing her to keep the house cleaned up to ten times a day. A way to use conditioning treatment would

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