Public Criticism of Police Shootings Essay

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Public Criticism of Police Shootings The nature of police work can be one of stress and long, hard working hours in which police officers deal with many types of situations that endanger themselves and their fellow officers. The fact that many people do not trust, appreciate, or support the police department is a terrible result of the public being taught to hate them. They do not like the police presence and the authority that the police have over them. Once a police officer shoots a suspect who more than likely deserved it due to the intent of harming or killing a civilian or a fellow officer, the public outcry is that the police are killers and that they will shoot anyone they come into contact with. Although we hear about …show more content…
The NYPD was using its Street Crime Unit to help find a serial rapist that had been involved in many rapes and attempted rapes. Four officers believed they spotted the serial rapist; in fact it was Diallo sitting on his front stoop. Upon approaching Diallo they announced that they were with the NYPD and that he should show his hands. Diallo ran up the stairs and tried to get into his apartment. The public does not realize that if he had just put his hands up and not ran the officers would have searched him and asked him a few questions which would ultimately lead to his release several minutes later. Instead, Diallo put his hands in his pocket and quickly drew a wallet which he was holding like a gun. One of the four officers’ yelled gun, and they all started to shoot. One officer fell backwards off the first stoop which made the other officers believe he had been shot. Since many bullets hit back off the wall, the officers believed they were being fired upon. A total of forty one shots were fired at Diallo, but only nineteen hit him. McCarthy 4.
The public outrage of this police shooting reached new highs. For several weeks the public was protesting and riots broke out all over the city. Over many weeks, the public rallied together in order to put pressure on the trial that made headlines every night. Over

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