Public Healthcare : Public Health Essay

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Public Health Fundamentals
Over history, public health administration contributed so much to improving health status and quality of life. Over the centuries, public health administration was able to accomplish improving the percentage of life expectancy. Public health is not a profession but a constant goal set by us all to achieve. Public health administration is different from other fields because of their large and constantly expanding agenda. Public health most unique feature is taking on new problems affecting health status from biology, environment, lifestyle and health service organization (Turnock, 2012).
Workforce. Public health workforces come from any different academic, professional, and experimental backgrounds, but are all committed and share ethical principles. One of the ethical principles shared is to achieve community health in a way that gives respect to the rights of individuals. Public health workers work for organization private or public that promotes, protect, and maintain the health of a defined population group. Public health administrator directs plans, analyzes, and coordinates assigned public health and regulatory programs and services, including the identification of program priorities and the development and implementation of new programs and services. Public health administrator makes a difference by evaluating effectiveness, accessibility, and quality of personal and population-based health services. Public health administrator must also…

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