Public Relations Paper

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Public Relations Paper

Public relations means many different things to many different individuals, businesses, and marketing firms. The true definition of public relations will be determined based on the nature of the work being done and the targeted group for a company to provide its goods and services to. In this paper, a personal definition of public relations will be given. In addition, three extra definitions of public relations will be presented. A thorough comparison of those definitions will take place, and a further explanation as to why so many definitions of public relations exist.

Public Relations Public relations is how any business, no matter how big or small, interacts with its clientele, partners, investors, and
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There is one common thread that truly identifies public relations within in all three of the aforementioned definitions. Goodwill, positive, constructive are all adjectives used to describe the purpose of public relations. Public relations main function is to bring public and private policies in to pleasant fruition.
The reason so many definitions exist for public relations is that generally, an attempt to describe what public relations does is presented rather than a definition of what it is. In the three definitions presented in this paper, all mentioned what public relations specifically is and then briefly translated what public relations does. The two differentiations are closely related; however there are some contrasting elements. In the first definition presented by Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, public relations is described as an activity and a policy utilized to gain public support and interest in a good or service. Variations of this definition are in the preceding two from American Heritage and WordNet, however the Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia definition makes no mention of the fact that public relations is a promotion to create a sense of goodwill for a person or an institution. Both the American Heritage and WordNet definitions make mention of the goodwill factor.
In this paper, the definition of public relations was presented. A personal definition was

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