Pursuing Law As A Career Essay

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I have been a paralegal for nearly five (5) years and my experience as a paralegal has only reaffirmed me that I want my contribution to humanity to be through law. I have experience working in several areas of law such as: litigation, real estate, family, criminal, and immigration. However, the most fulfilling work experience thus far has been whilst servicing clients as an interpreter and paralegal at an immigration law firm. Working as an Immigration Paralegal has only reassured me of my decision to pursue law as a career.
Recently this year, I was hired by one of the world’s leading and largest provider of immigration services, Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy LLP (hereinafter “Fragomen”). Fragomen is ranked the top firm in immigration law nationally. The same day I interviewed for the position at Fragomen, I was instantly informed that I was hired. Being hired by the top ranked firm in immigration law made me feel honored and on top of the world because what better way to gain the most valuable experience from the area of law that I am most passionate about than learning from the world’s recognized leaders with remarkable knowledge in immigration.
The first major case that I worked on ultimately ignited a fuel and gave me such a fulfilling feeling that I instantly knew that I did not just want to pursue immigration law but that I needed to. My first major assignment as an Immigration Paralegal at Fragomen began with a one-on-one case management session with…

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