Essay on Qualitative Research On Mental Health

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The search for literature mainly focused on qualitative research on mental health. Parahoo (2006) defines qualitative research as a method used to describe phenomena and interviewers given meaning to their life experiences. The aim of a qualitative research is to discover meaning and to assist in the understanding of the literature review topic (Aveyard, 2014). Whittaker and Williamson (2011) highlighted that qualitative research has a tendency of using information in the form of words instead of numerical data. There are various types of qualitative research designs which are ethnographic, phenomenology and grounded theory (Saddler 2014).

For a complete understanding of the methodology involving the focus question a quantitative research must be defined. Nursing online Resources and Research (2014) stated that a quantitative study is defined as a methodical process use to gather and analyse data which has been measured by a tool. The purpose of quantitative research is to explain or foresee a specific variable. Furthermore, Parahoo (2006) explained that the analysed figures are a representation of an observed phenomenon.
A Mixed Methods Study is defined as a research from which the researcher collects and analyses information and assimilates the outcome and attractions using both qualitative and quantitative procedures
Four of the core articles were qualitative research and two were Quantitative research, recalling the lived experience of individuals. These core…

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