Quality Management And Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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Quality Management and Corporate Social Responsibility
The connection between quality management and CSR is that they are both synonymous to good business practice. It is often noted in articles and journals about the narrow and less vague CSR could be to business. The performance model as prescribe by Wartick and Cochran (1986), initiated the changes in the CSR world, and this they did by using three key parameters; namely
I. The economic responsibility of the organization
II. The public responsibility to the organization and
III. The social responsibility.
It could be deduced from the above list that CSR in relation to total quality management could be used as an avenue to continue to improve on commitment by business enterprise to behave in an ethical manner, and contributing to the social economic development while enhancing at the same time the quality of life of its entire workforce and that of their family members, and also contributing to the host community and the society at large (ISO, 2002). The relationship between TQM and CSR strikes a good balance in the way forward on how organizations can do business, while also addressing the budding issues on the environment, economic and social intrigues of life in a way that seems to be beneficial to all involved.
Furthermore, TQM and CSR can undergo more synergies in area such as human rights, workplace safety and hazards, and also employment issues, it helps to reduced bias in business practices, social development,…

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