Essay about Racism And The Civil Rights Movement

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This paper will explore the causes of racism and will particularly focus on the effects of the culture surrounding it, and the extensive and dramatic history behind it. Partnered with this, it will also focus on the history of racism in regards to slavery, segregation, and the infamous civil rights movement, and how they all play a distinct role in modern day racism, and the desensitivity that now surrounds racism.

Around the world, there is evidently an unmistakable presence of an ongoing struggle pertaining to the equality among all sorts of human beings. It is contumelious to take into consideration the physical, spiritual, and emotional barriers that causes racism to occur within society and at times nations as a whole. Collectively, there is a number of statements within the world 's history in which racism is taken to an acute level, which causes the deaths of millions of people because they were visibly or mentally disparate from the prevalent population. Accordingly, some examples of this brutality are the Nazi-Germany genocide of the Jews, the Armenian genocide, and the Rwandan genocide in which over twenty million people have died ("Past Genocides - Armenia, Holocaust, Bosnia, Rwanda, Darfur," n.d.) all due to the presence of inhumanity. As a result of this, it is an indisputable fact that history provides the fundamental functions of society, compels humans to learn from their mistakes, and subsequently given this newfound knowledge they strive to…

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