Racism And The Ontario Human Rights Commission Essay

1062 Words Mar 10th, 2016 null Page
The purpose of this report is to address the systemic discrimination that exists within the Ontario Human Rights Commission. The race discrimination complaints brought forth to the Ontario Human Rights Commission have been criticized for having a lower success rate than complaint on other grounds. It is important to understand that in Canada, there are strict human rights laws and systems in place to address the issue of racism. Although racial discrimination is not tolerated, it is inevitable. This means that even though an action may not be intended to be racially discriminatory, they are perpetuated to be part of a discriminatory system. Systemic discrimination essentially creates or perpetuates disadvantages for racialized persons. Consequently, the Ontario Human Rights Commission is concerned about addressing the issue of systemic discrimination.
Some have criticized the Ontario Human Rights Commission for dismissing some cases on the basis that they were not racial slurs. This is because complaints of race discrimination are often indirect. There have been a significant number of complaints regarding the method the commission has been using to handle race discrimination complaints. The Satzewich article and a number cases illustrate the systematic discrimination that exists in society. The Ontario Human Rights Commission, nonetheless, does an adequate job at handling race discrimination complaints.
The Commission now recognizes that racial discrimination and racial…

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