Reading Comprehension And English Language Arts Essay

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Herlinda is a nine year old girl from Mexico, her family moved to upstate New York where she attends school in a 4th grade classroom. Herlinda is in English Language Arts classes even though she is fluent in Spanish and cannot speak or comprehend a lot of English. In fact, Herlinda is 3 grade levels below her peers testing at a first grade level for both reading comprehension and English Language Arts. When in school Herlinda works with her resource teacher in the English Language Arts, she even stays in during recess to work with her resource teacher and a friend.
Herlinda’s structure at home for school work and practicing English is a little disarray. Her mom and dad work at a nearby restaurant from open to close, leaving Herlinda to stay home with her aunt and take care of her little brother. A lot of the time this leads to Herlinda forgetting her homework and folder that is assigned from school. Another disadvantage to Herlinda’s academic career is that her mother does not speak any English. This leaves a huge disconnect between Herlinda’s home life and school life. However, Herlinda’s father and aunt that she lives with speak English and learned the language in Mexico. Herlinda also leaves New York for six week in December to go back to Mexico causing her to not get the academic support she needs. Below I will talk about some successful Culturally Responsive Activities I think will help Herlinda, however, I first think it is important to talk about Herlinda’s…

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