Essay about Reasons For Resignation And Will Served

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Outline is the reasons for my resignation and will also serve as my exit interview. I have found myself within a structure system of barriers and limitation that has made it almost in possible for me to do my job effectively; the more I have succeed in the job, the more the restriction and isolation. A system that limits my contact with the community I was assigned to serve which is not beneficial to the clients and myself. I find myself in a position where my colleagues somehow have been the given authority over my work without discussion even though I have been with the company longer. In the past couple of months the counsellors was given opportunity to oversee the different contracts. I was given the opportunity to oversee the school contact only to find out it was given to another counsellor through email. Having no relationship with the school or any involvement with my work at the school this counsellor is to be the liaison for the school. The same counsellor has been given the opportunity to oversee the Community Contract and be the liaison between the agency and community, though I have been there longer and have been responsible for helping to increase the awareness of our work in the community. The counsellor has also been following up with the work that I do under the community contract without speaking without communicating why it is being done. Not sure why the counsellor needs to check in with how I did with my workshop? It has created impression that I am…

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