Rebuttal Paper

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Article Rebuttal Paper

One of the hottest controversies of the recent days is the Duck Dynasty and the permanent hiatus of Phil Robertson over his comment regarding homosexuality. I have read so many articles regarding this topic but have paid little to no attention regarding the matter. Hollywood and media tend to hype certain situation for free publicity and attention. One article that I ran into one day was one from In the article Conservative Speaker Mark Steyn goes as far as to compare this situation to Post World War II communism. “It’s like something out of Milan Kundera’s Eastern European novel about
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Now, no one is arguing that one has the right to say what he pleases, but words can have consequences, and in this case it did. A&E is simply covering its own behind in regards to their image, and since they are a huge supporter of LGBT rights they had to take action. When you are a public image that is popular and are supported by hundreds of sponsors you in a sense are also the image and represent what they do. In other words you hold a contract and a responsibility to them. When you violate that, and create controversy, are out of hand; then you violate that contract. Society may then back away from the sponsors, stop buying their product, watching their shows, and so on. The sponsors then have no choice then to pull the plug. In responses to Mr. Steyn comparison to communism and being ousted by gay lobbyist if you don’t support them, I disagree. A&E as the main sponsor to the show, and supported did what any other agency would have done to make sure they preserve their image, and are not linked to his comments. Same goes when an athlete who cheats his/her way to 1st place. This sponsors would pull the plug to preserve image, and to send a message that cheating is not permitted. A&E is sending a message that they don’t condone his comments, and do not represent the company. He can say and talk to anyone he wants, he simply can do it on A&E’s time or

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