Receiving A Performance Review Vs. Not Receiving One Essay

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Receiving a Performance Review vs. Not Receiving One
Recognition for positive performance is a significant factor which can have a lasting impact on a person; this starts in the early stages of human growth development. During childhood, parents recognize their children with gifts after behaving during the day, having good grades at school or completing chores. Some parents even use a board which shows the tasks to be completed and the reward; first let’s define some of the terms. What is recognition? Merriam- Webster dictionary defines recognition as the action of recognizing, the state of being recognized; formal acknowledgment and special notice or attention (Merriam-Webster 2015). Recognition plays a part of daily life activities, for example: work, sports and school. It serves to let one know that their performance is either optimal or needs improvement.
It is advice to have in consideration that not all individuals perform to the standards required by a company of a school. Performance at work is influenced by various factors; this may include the work environment, the relationship with co- workers and superiors, working hours and type of work. Like most things in daily life, receiving a review of behavior, performance at work or school has pros and cons. For example: receiving a report card will determine how this student will perform. This paper will expand more in some of these different areas in order to demonstrate the positive and negative effects of a…

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