Recruitment Of A Social Media Essay

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Another rising issue is recruiting via social media. This sort of recruitment is open to a lot of bias as more confidential information can be disclosed about the individual that is to be hired. In other words subjects such as marital status, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, etc can affect the employment rate (Justitia par 8). Another key factor is unpaid internships, and the Fair Work Ombudsman. What the Fair Work Ombudsman is meant to do is hold organizations accountable for properly paying those who are taking internships. One of the FWO allegations is that unpaid work in an internship is considered volunteer work, and that should not be the case. Those who are employed for an internship should be properly paid for their time and effort (Justitia par 22).
According to Merton the manifest functions are planned and intentional which make up an institution. The prevalent Manifest functions of my workplace is that almost every employee’s duty at the school is to promote education. After all the manifest function of a school is to provide an education to individuals. There are several other manifestations that are specific to the employees such as keeping proper channels of communication and organization. To maintain the school environment to its optimal efficacy, and provide the tools for everyone to get the job done.
For example my manifest function is to make sure that all the technological equipment is fully functional and ready to use. Not only that but I am also…

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