Reflection Of My Thoughts And Take Care Of Everyone Around Me

1065 Words Jul 19th, 2015 5 Pages
In the past I 've always managed to be able to gather my thoughts and take care of everyone around me. I made certain that I had a career that would allow me to cover the expenses of the family and household. I continued to work harder, longer hours and stayed what appeared to be unshakable no matter what stress I was facing. Never really understanding the reason behind why I always felt sick either physically or emotionally! I just simply knew that there was no other option for me in past years then to take care of the people around me. That is, if I wanted them to love me! I never really realized until the last year of my life that I was so far in the dark, I was so confused with how I was treated from childhood to adulthood, that after waking up to the nightmare of being targeted I now know the most terrifying realization ... I 'm going to have to start life all over again!
For the very first time in 42 years, (even though I 've known it for well over a year) the words are leaving my lips, that my mother is a true narcissist who is attempting to try to systematically destroy me.
People throw the word "kill" around pretty easily today. With all of the violence in the news and movies, we are so predisposed to it that the mind is almost numb to just exactly how serious that would be in terms of reality. It always feels like it could never happen to me! To those of us who are being abused or targeted as victims of these dangerous personalities we often don 't believe it…

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