Reflection On The Course Plan Essay

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Reflection Two – The Course Plan Review For a couple of years I have dreamed of conducting an online course for job seekers. When I was an intern I created a guide and most recently I created a course plan and directions for one session out of this imaginary course. My work as a novice as my instructor has pointed out is a “good start (McKenzie-White, 2015, assignment feedback)” Going forward with this review it is important to imagine that I am taking steps to implement this online course for job seekers of the 21st century as a novice instructional designer. The first managerial decision is the choice of platform. I have a CourseSite account. This would be my choice. My next task to ensure a smooth launch prior to an invitation to job seekers would be my navigating CourseSites as a student of my course. The Future Professors (2015) also recommend getting a friend or teaching assistant if such a luxury is available to navigate the course as a student prior to launch. This is a facilitation strategy and it would fall under the social category in the Anderson model (2008). Next I would revamp my course plan, I would have the luxury of time because there is no pressure or deadlines for course delivery. One area needing great attention are the course objectives. Those need to be rewritten and I need to do some more pondering. Contrasting my course objectives to the extensive term list provided in Bloom’s Taxonomy (Kornuta and Germaine). It seems as if most of…

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