Reflection Paper

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Reflection Paper
Amber N. Railey
Communications 1130 Section 105

Reflection Paper
Hello my name is Amber Railey and I will be writing about my time in and at the community service learning center, and the project that followed. I will be talking about my experiences and what I did at Watermelon Mountain Ranch, about how I deal with the anxieties of presenting, How I prepare for a presentation and speech, the communication concepts I learned, what speech types I used, also I will talk about my group and how the process of doing our project went. , My community service learning was at Watermelon Mountain Ranch. I was in charge of helping the pet dogs get adopted out, I was also in charge of setting up cages, cleaning them out and
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I learned how to decrease my anxiety by deep breathing, Drinking an energy drink before class, I know that doesn’t work for most people but it does for me it gives me the energy boost and confidence that I need to get up on front of people. I feel like I come prepared to class to do my speech and come prepared for any questions I might receive. I also focus on my presentation and not my fear. I knew how to determine my purpose before I start my speech preparedness. I select and narrow my topic, I gather my supporting material by looking on the internet, and then I gathered my presentation aids such as : photographs, charts, maps, graphs, flipcharts, the chalkboard, and then I sit down and prepare my speech in PowerPoint or Prezi (which I learned just for this class I had never used it before). Then I rehearse my speech and then delivered it in my class in front of all of you.
I Learned how to become an active listener during speeches, and how to comment my thoughts out loud to someone after their speech. I learned to ignore certain outside thoughts that came to mind during a speech, I also learned how to minimize outside distractions, I became a selfish listener, and I identified my listening goal I listen for pleasure and for information. I try to do a good job when giving my feedback I am honest , I try to be descriptive, positive even in my critical answers or judgements by prefacing with something

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