Reflection Paper

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Reflection Paper

A Reflection On The Movie “The Sound Of Music” Directed By Robert Wise

By: Wan Anisabanum Salleh

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Universal Relevance of the Movie

The movie was chosen as the subject of reflection because the writer feels that the movie offers plenty of opportunity for reflection on the human character. The writer feels that there is a lot that lecturers can learn from the movie and use it to become better and more effective lecturers. Indeed, the life of Maria, the governess in the home of the von Trapp family offers many opportunities to aspiring lecturers to reflect on their chosen career.

The other reason for the choice of this movie is that it leads to better character building. The movie
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Maria was devastated but there was nothing that she could do. With a heavy and regretful heart, she boarded a bus to get to the von Trapp residence. The huge gates and the door further frightened her. She was introduced to the children who took an instant dislike to her. However unlike previous governesses, Maria did not run away, she transformed the children with love and eventually she also fell in love with their father. This disturbed her very much as falling in love was incompatible with being a nun.

Maria leaves the von Trapp household and returns to the monastery. However even at the monastery, her heart was with the children, she returns to help out until a new governess is found. However this was not to be, for fate decided otherwise. The captain finally realized that the ideal wife whom he was looking for was Maria herself. The other lady who was in the household in the hope of marrying the captain, packed up her bags and left knowing that it was hopeless to stay on.

Maria and the captain got married and as fairy tales would go, lived happily ever after.

3.0 Discussion
This movie makes us reflect upon a number of issues which had a profound effect on me. The movie is very relevant to both children and adults. People of different ages would enjoy it in different ways and derive different teachings from it. This writer believes that the reflections of this movie

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