Reflection Paper

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Throughout the course and the topics we have learned and discussed, we realize that the importance of being an inspiration to nonbelievers. There are many factors that can help influence one’s mind and bring the non-believers to know Christ. In this paper, I am going to share the importance of three topics that I feel are most important in bringing others to know our lord and savior. The three topics I will be alliterating today are: why personal testimonies are so important in sharing the gospel. Another topic I will discuss is as a Christian, The importance of how he or she lives her life. Also I will be discussing the importance of local churches sharing god’s love to the community and how they can improve on this issue.
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It is important as well to keep in mind that yourself is not perfect nor is anyone else and don’t make the testimony seem like you’re a perfect human being after coming to know Christ. Just be positive, detailed, and show how your feel with your new perspective on life and how you feel knowing your assurance of eternal life. A key point in being completely open and honest about your personal testimony is that it is your own life story in which no one can argue with. This is a time to be proud of yourself and let it be known of your struggles and strengths leading up to your salvation. All these points will help the person you are speaking to relate to life stories and struggles that have lead you to where you are today, A Christian living for Christ.
Topic Two: If a person is a Christian, does it matter how they live their life?
If a person is a Christian it is very important how they life their life. As we just talked about with the personal testimonies and how our life was before salvation and how it is now. It is important to live your life how god wants you to because as followers and children of Christ, we represent him and our actions relate hand in hand with our personal testimony. Jesus encourages all believers and followers to grow in relationships, commitment and obedience to

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