Reflective Paper

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Reflective Paper

Arithmetic is perpetually entertaining, when we use the effort in exploring new exciting approaches to learn arithmetic. Although some educators do not inspire the children to discover their own study methods, researching all the numerous arithmetic ideas in this course was exciting and knowledgeable because there are so many arithmetic study methods to learn and teach the children in arithmetic. The inspiration of becoming a teacher is greatly entertained. Learning all the numerous arithmetic ideas throughout this course was exciting and knowledgeable because there are numerous arithmetic study methods. While working through chapter ten I learned that there are many different ways to display data. Some of the
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Congruence between triangles; congruent angles and quadrilaterals; and the SSS congruence conditions. I also learned about the SAS property, ASA property, triangle properties, properties of angle bisectors, and properties of proportion. I also learned how to use indirect measurements, how to determine slope using similar triangles, fitting a line to data, the substitution method and elimination method, systems of linear equations, and equations of vertical and horizontal lines. While working in chapter thirteen I learned about different linear measures, such as the English system, converting units of measurement, dimensional analysis, the metric system, distance around a plane, circumference of a circle, and arc length. I learned about the areas of polygons and circles through areas on a geoboard, converting units of area, and land measurements. I also learned about the area of a rectangle, parallelogram, triangle, kite, trapezoid, regular polygon, circle, and sector. I was educated on the Pythagorean theorem, distance formula, and the equation of a circle through special right triangles, converse of the Pythagorean theorem, and using the distance formula to develop the equation of a circle. I learned about surface area and volume of right prisms, cylinders, pyramids, cones, and spheres. I also learned about converting metric measures of volume, along with the

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