Reggae Paper

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Reggae, “a generic name for all Jamaican popular music since 1960, is defined as a ‘West Indian style of music with a strongly accented subsidiary beat” (Chang). Reggae music is a great style of music that was popularized by one of the world’s most famous musicians, Bob Marley. Personally, I never listened to it until I made it to college, and it has quickly become one of my favorite genres. For that reason is why I chose to write this paper on Reggae music. This genre is a very calming and relaxing style of music, which helps me when I am trying to focus on doing important tasks such as homework, including this paper. In this proton of the paper I will be looking into the history of Reggae music and the development of this particular …show more content…
During this period of time is where Ska, which was eventually called Reggae, had its development in Jamaica. Ska had developed when people from Jamaica came to America and brought back the musical styles of Jazz and R&B, which Jamaicans mixed with African and Caribbean styles of music that they had on the island.
The next step for making Reggae popular was to get the country to hear it. During the early 1950’s in downtown Kingston, one of the poorer cities in Jamaica, sound systems were created, and the streets were lined with giant speakers. After Jazz music lost its popularity within the Jamaican community, they would come to these streets to express themselves through dance. These sound systems also helped Jamaicans make money, they would bring their own homemade beer, along with curry goat and rice and the people would dance and eat from 8 until 6 in the morning. By the end of the 1950’s these sound system owners started to develop their own record companies so that Jamaican people could have their own copies of the music. These sound system owners had no intention of making money off the records, but this became the beginning of the boom of Reggae across the world.
When most people think of the Regae genre, Bob Marley is one of the first images that come to mind. Marley once said, “My music fights against the system that teaches to live and die”. There are many great Reggae artists, but the most

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