Reinforcement Theory : Psychology Of Personality Essay

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Reinforcement Theory
Katie LeBlanc
Psychology of Personality

B. F. Skinner believed in behavioristic theories. When learning about his behaviorist theories, the person gets a better understanding of the role in learning about the development of personality. Skinner’s theories were that conditions and situations affect the learning of a behavior. Skinner ultimately defines personality with terms of behavior, both positive and negative. So one would have to wonder if reinforcements have the same power to control human behaviors the same way they can control a laboratory pig or house pet like a dog.
B. F. Skinner (1904-1990) was born to two hard working parents in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania. Skinner was taught at a young age to fear God, police and the opinions of other people. Skinner’s mother was more strict compared to his father and made sure he understood punishment. Skinner’s father confirmed he knew moral behavior by showing him the local jails and telling him stories about New York state prison beginning at a young age. These childhood things molded Skinner into believing that we all our “empty vessels,” which means that at birth everyone was a blank slate that language had to be put into. This represents that children are often a product of their environment. Children learn from their parents how to cope with different types of issues at their life, which even begins from a young age. From this, he came up with the theories of reinforcement to prove his…

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